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Don't Rush Me
Our ‘deteriorating electrical distribution system’
or . . . The Rise of Ion Rush

by Don Rush

August 01, 2012

Last week I surmised I may have been transmuted into some sort of electrical super-freak -- in eight days I lost two computers, a TV and a car battery. The only thing in common with these electrical devices, as far as I could tell, was they all were touched by me.

Gulp. I wondered what would happen if I got angry -- would I zap out an entire city block’s power? Then I pondered what alter ego name I should go by. Aside from the various unprintable-in-a-family-newspaper words, for a new name only two suggestions came in that weren’t too bad. My super power charged name could be: Ion Rush or maybe Zappo. Not sure I like either of them. Ion Rush sounds like a head cold and Zappo makes me sound like I am a long-lost great-heir of the one Marx Brother nobody remebers or cares about.

Readers, it’s your call. If you have a better idea, send ‘em to me.

* * *

I also received an actual, possible, logical explanation as to why my crap puked out. While it is not nearly as fun as my genetic DNA being altered by some cosmic fluke of nature, it may help other folks out there in the real world. So, without further fanfare, I give you Dave Hetrick of LG Electric, LLC.

* * *


First may I say your article is hands down the best read in the paper.

Second, given your track record maybe I should have sent this snail mail. I am an electrical contractor based out of Clarkston. I would like you to research Whole House Surge Suppression.

The United States’ deteriorating electrical distribution system has left many residents with thousands of dollars of wasted electronics.

This little device mounts onto the side of your electrical panel protecting your house from dangerous electrical spikes wanting to eat your tv, furnace and well etc.

These can typically be installed for $225. Keep up the great work, we look forward to your article every week. Please contact me if you have any questions.


* * *

First lesson for readers: buttering up the writer is always encouraged.

Second lesson: always kinda research claims made by folks, be they named Dave or Barrack.

Good intentioned folks sometimes have bad intel and give it thinking it is good. And, politicians usually have all the intel but choose to heap out only the information that makes them or their cause sound better, regardless if it is good or bad.

So-o-o-oo-o . . . thank you, Dave for the compliment. You should know I spend all of about 1.5 minutes of brain power a week into this column, the ever-loving, Don’t Rush Me. And, thanks for the advice.

I did go on-line and did google “United States deteriorating electrical distribution system.”

Yikes. All I can say is we need to get the whole house surge protection, as well as some solar panels, windmills and some geothermal heat going when our systems fails by overload, old age or if a solar flare takes out our power grid.

Did you hear what happened in India this week? Let me refresh your memory.

“Power was being restored incrementally Tuesday in New Dehli, hit by a massive power grid failure that officials said affected more than 600 million people.

“Monday’s power grid failure affected seven states in northern India, but Tuesday’s failure was larger, affecting 12 states, as well as the capital, FirstPost India reported.”

And, no. I was not in India this week, so don’t blame me.

Call Dave if you have more questions. I’ll be busy.