Source: Sherman Publications

Head to polls on Tuesday and vote

August 01, 2012

For Independence and Springfield townships, primary elections are key, so be sure to vote.

As in previous elections, most candidates running for seats on the Independence and Springfield township boards are Republicans.

That means most of the winners of this Tuesday's election will be uncontested in November's general election due to the lack of Democrat opponents.

There's an exception this year three Democrats are running for Independence Township Board. Since four seats are available, all three will advance to the general election, barring unforeseen circumstances.

So read our candidate profiles in this week's edition, check out back issues for previous elections stories and letters to the editor.

Check out candidates' ads, signs, forums on and Independence TV, and make your choice. Also, make sure you check your polling location Independence Township changed their's up a bit this year.

Then make your decision stick by going to the polls. Make sure to turn your ballot over as there are questions on both sides. Then vote.