Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the Editor: Vote for real democracy

August 08, 2012

Dear Editor,

It has been said that money can buy elections. I hope that wonít be the case in November.

Please join me in vowing to carefully research the issues and candidates (using unbiased news sources and avoiding propaganda) and to make compassionate and informed decisions when voting.

Vote to make America a country all 313 million of us can be proud of; where everyone is equal; where we stand up against greed, hate, bigotry, sexism and ignorance; where everyone is treated with the respect they deserve; where patriots actually pay their taxes and donít ship jobs overseas; and where we export humanitarian aid instead of perpetual war.

We need more informed and honest public servants making our communities and America better for everyone, rich and poor alike. Please vote in the August 7th primary. And please vote for real democracy.

- Claire Cooper