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Jim's Jottings
Do dogs really enjoy food?

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

August 15, 2012

Hazel and I joined a couples golf league at Oxford Hills Golf and Country Club as soon as possible after it opened in 1965.

After Hazel passed, daughter Luan filled out our two-some. Couples leagues are more of a social affair than a competive contest.

At least it has always been in my case. Get done. Get into the dining room, start lying and questioning othersí scores and order a beverage.

That should beWebsterís definition of couplesí league golf, unless your name is Harper.

The leading offer on the Friday night menu has been prime rib for a long time. I alway order an end cut, because I love the seasoning.

I can never finish my prme rib, so I get a doggie bag for Shayna. Iíve had Shayna for 10 years, and she has my Friday nights figured out.

She sits by the garage, comes to the driverís door, wags her tail, sniffs and looks anxious.

Last Friday I decided to run a test. I cut my beef bite size, then cut one three times larger for Shayna. It took me 22 chews to prepare that prime rib for its downward release .

Shaynaís turn.

Seven chomps. Itís gone!

Then up comes her head. Her eyes are wide and pleading, tail is wagging and body shaking with anxiety. I thought my friend Mickey was a fast eater, but he doesnít compare to Shayna.

I concluded dogs, at least Shayna, arenít enjoying the taste of food, just filling a little time until they can ask for more. I think sheíll do the same thing when I give her a dill pickle. And thatís why the beef thatís left is mine.

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Obama insists over and over that you and I are unable to do anything, that we needed help from the government to achieve any success.

For a nano second I believed him as I reviewed my newspaper business background. I guess he would say the government made my business funding possible.

I started getting a disability pension from the government in 1946. Because I was single, the government sent me half the benefit and kept half for later.

The government also paid my hospital bill for 17 months, for which I expect to be billed any day now.

So, by the government holding back my pension, I was able to use the lump sum to buy The Oxford Leader. This only became clear to me after hearing Obamaís reasoning.

Iím not going to spend any more time on his reasoning.

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The liberal leaning Detroit Free Press and New York Times have taken swipes at the Congress people who left Washington for five-week vacations. Iím in favor of them takng off all the time before the November election.

I believe the best thing our D. C. representatives have done since the last election is take vacations. The Senate hasnít even passed a budget, as required by law every year, in the last three years.

The last bill passed by these people still hasnít been interpreted. Remember Senate leader Pelosi urged its passage so they could find out what was in it.

And so it is with many laws. Between amendments added by members, and the Obama changes advanced into law during congresional absences, voters are just plain sick, tired and numb. Another thing. Maybe Obama can, but Congress canít pass taxes while home.