Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the Editor:New trustee, new problems

August 15, 2012

In a recent letter to the editor, Donni Steele expressed her displeasure with the Township Board because they denied a safety path along Indianwood Rd.  The reason for the denial was due to the objections of the citizens who live in the area.

While I don’t have an opinion concerning whether or not the safety path should continue through the Indianwood neighborhood, I was a bit disturbed by her comment that stated “If the board does not have a vision or direction, they will never accomplish anything except following the loudest and latest outcry from the Public.”

I seem to remember Donni making a similar comment defending the expansion of the Eagle Valley Landfill.  There was no public hearing regarding that expansion because the Supervisor at the time wasn’t interesting in hearing public comment, especially public comment that disagreed with his plan.

Donni is now a Trustee.  I fear that her determination to ignore the opinion of the voters who put her in office might continue the legacy of the past administration.  It should be noted that everyone who voted to expand Eagle Valley lost their jobs in this past election.

In a democracy, the voter’s opinion should be heard and considered.  That is what good government is about.  Politicians who make policy without considering the position of the voters are the reason so many people refuse to participate in the political process.

Mary Ann Ryan

Orion Resident