Source: Sherman Publications

Bones under home investigated by medical examiner

by Susan Bromley

August 15, 2012

Ortonville- Moo, not boo.

A village resident recently found bones buried beneath his home, complete with cut marks, prompting a call to police. Further investigation of the bones revealed no sinister motives, however, other than a possible desire for steak or a hamburger.

According to police reports, on Aug. 4 Brandon deputies responded to a home in the 100 block of South Street for suspicious circumstances. The complainant was remodeling the laundry room of his home, which was built around 1900. The laundry room was an addition, and he was unsure when it was built. He had to break through six subfloors to rebuild due to aging and carpenter ant damage.

The man was cleaning up when he noticed bones in the rubble. He started digging and found more bones, which he suspected may have been animal bones, with a large ball and socket. However, he then noticed cut marks suggesting the bones were cut prior to burial, and called police.

An investigation by the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office concluded the bones were that of a cow.