Source: Sherman Publications

Pros starts somewhere...

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

August 22, 2012

120 kids took to the hills of Paint Creek Golf Course on the morning of Aug. 21 to enjoy the weather and hit a few rounds.

The event last Tuesday was the last day in Paint Creek’s Junior Golf Program, which caters to golfers from ages six to late teens. The program is available to anyone with a membership or, for the last day, anyone who is invited by a member. The program will end on Aug. 30 with the Junior Banquet where the kids who golfed will have the opportunity to dance with each other and enjoy food prepared by the country club.

“Basically without junior golf, the sport dies because any sport relies on the youth to carry it on,” said Assistant Golf Pro Chris McLaughlin. “We try to make sure we give them an opportunity to play and that it’s fun for them. If you’re not having fun, especially at a young age, you are not going to want to continue. I also think golf being an individual sport, it teaches kids a lot about themselves.”

McLaughlin added the sport can be frustrating, but by putting kids into age groups and skill groups, the country club hopes to prolong kids’ interest in the sport and allow them the potential to form contacts.

Those interested in membership and the program can contact Paint Creek Country Club at 248-693-4695.