Source: Sherman Publications

Homecomeing Parade upgraded

by Lance Farrell

September 19, 2012

New marching orders for Lake Orion’s homecoming parade. Now moved to Sunday, September 23, the parade kicks off at 3:30 p.m. and will wind from Blanche Elementary to Flint Street and then finishing up on Broadway.

Previously, the parade has been held on Friday’s but this year sees the parade moved to a more community-friendly time slot. Laurie Hogan, co-organizer of this year’s Homecoming parade, announced the change with much excitement. The weekend slot makes the parade much “more of a community event,” she said.

The wider accessibility afforded by the move to Sunday also means that the Lake Orion football team will be able to attend, another first for Lake Orion.

Lake Orion head football coach Bell welcomed the change and said he was “glad the players get a chance to participate.” He recognized the importance of the parade to the whole community, and considered that, “for everybody, I think it’s going to work out a lot better.”

To be sure, “homecoming is a great Lake Orion celebration,” the coach said. The homecoming “game is one of the highlights, but it’s a great celebration for all of Lake Orion, not just the football program.”

The parade kicks off on Sunday, September 23 at 3:30 p.m. This year’s parade will follow a Harry Potter theme, with Hogwart houses assigned to each grade level. The house of Grigffendorf will consistr of the Lake Orion senior class, with juniors occupying the House of Slitherin. Sophomores are of the RavenClaw House and freshman assigned to Hufflepuff House.

School faculty and staff will take on the roles of Hogwart teaching staff. All elementary students will be encouraged to participate in the Potter-themed event, so bring a wand or cape if you’ve got one.

Be sure to come on down to the homecoming parade this Sunday at 3:30. For more information, contact Laurie Hogan at 248-693-5420.