Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the editor
Mitchell for the environment

September 26, 2012

Dear Editor,

Jeremy Mitchell is committed to good ecological stewardship and the long-term healthy viability of our township; he recognizes ecological considerations must go hand-in-hand with economic planning if we are to grow and progress as we wish, while also ensuring a safe environment for subsequent generations.

Aggressive economic planning without securing and sustaining a healthy ecology will lead us to an environment none of us will be proud of. Several major river systems originate in and around Independence Township - these critical resources must be protected.

The prospect, indeed certainty, of the "search and pollute" activity called hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas and the consequential risks associated with the extraction and distrubution of these fossil fuels from the land's relatively fragile substrate have to be very carefully considered.

Remember too, that our responsibility for clean water extends far beyond the borders of our township.

With all these challenges, I believe that Jeremy Mitchell has the passion, knowledge, drive, energy, and a balanced plan, to effectively protect our township's ecology.

Chris Reading,

Independence Township