Source: Sherman Publications

Homecoming week kicks off with a parade

September 26, 2012

Candy, cars, colors, and crazy costumes started the 2012 Homecoming week.

If the teeming streets and cheering throngs were any indication, the move to Sunday was a welcome change for Lake Orion residents. Hundreds lined Flint and Broadway streets to cheer on their school, their students, their athletes and their homecoming court.

While some wore school colors with chums behind school banners, others opted for Harry Potter garb. The day was replete with wands and pointed hats to complement the jerseys and pom-poms on display at the cheery event.

But the week isnít over yet and while the parade has come and gone, the homecoming game against Rochester at 7 p.m. on Friday still looms ahead. Come out and support the school, the Dragons and the green and white at Lake Orion High School.