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Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio
Reopen a case of O.J.

by Phil Custodio

October 03, 2012

Maybe O.J. Simpson didnít do it.

I know the standard narrative from 20 years ago. Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ron Goldman were murdered by someone armed with a knife. O.J. was the prime suspect.

Who else could have done it? Who else would have wanted to? And why else would he lead police in that low-speed pursuit in the white SUV?

Then he went to trial and got acquitted due to the skills of some slick defense attorneys.

And there was the whole looking-for-the-real-killers thing for years after the trial, mostly with O.J. on the golf course.

Finally, justice was done when he was convicted and imprisoned for leading an armed gang to steal his own sports memorabilia for some reason. Ah, karma works its magic, I thought for a moment before moving onto something else.

All this, of course, is based on what I saw on television about it over the years. That's one of the points of Norm Pardo's infamous movie, ďUnpromotable.Ē

Itís a good point.

The jury, the one group of people who got all the information presented by both sides in an orderly fashion, voted to acquit.

They examined all the evidence. I sort of noticed a story packaged by others with their own agendas. Thatís why we have a jury system instead of relying on the mob like in a Frankenstein movie.

Another Norm point Ė why would he steal his own memorabilia? O.J. memorabilia is by definition something with his signature on it. So he can make all he wants just by signing stuff.


After a long hot summer, the cooler temperatures this autumn are very welcome. I like being able to go upstairs in my house without feeling like itís a sauna.

The leaves are turning their beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. The trees looked great as I was walking through the Renaissance Festival during their final weekend. I like the late dates over the early ones Ė August gets pretty hot!

But then the leaves will soon fall from the trees and Iíll have to pick them all up and move them to the back.

Stupid leaves.