Source: Sherman Publications

Rolling out the ‘green’ carpet for the king and queen

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

October 03, 2012

Last Friday at half time, after the dancers cleared and the band stopped playing, the stage was set to introduce the 2012 Homecoming court.

Everyone was represented, from the freshman to the juniors, but the main attraction was the senior king and queen hopefuls as they marched under the balloons and through the “mist” created by fire extinguishers. As the five couples strode through the flag draped corridor to take their position at front of the stands, the 2011 king and queen, Sean Charette and Amy Stubbs, returned in a Chrysler 300 to crown the new king and queen: seniors Andre Boneville and Reagan Moran.

The other hopefuls included seniors Josh Meyer and Hannah Wetherholt, Ben Johannes and Katie Cavellier, Neil Donetti and Kylee Bouche and Alec Schlitt and Willow Kreutzer. Despite not quite making it to the top, everyone seemed grateful just for the nomination. Another successful homecoming has come and gone.