Source: Sherman Publications

Martian Market

by David Fleet

October 03, 2012

The Martian Market is open.

A student run store inside Goodrich High School opened last week providing a host of products from Martian

Morgan Cinader, GHS senior and store manager said the facility is all about Goodrich.

“We’re looking for local items to sell,” she said. “The store will provide products for students including Martian shirts and school supplies. But, it’s not just limited to inside the store at the school. We will also be at school events such as football or Goodtimes in Goodrich.”

The Martian Market opened on Tuesday but sales began in August during Goodtimes in Goodrich.

Kevin Ayre, GHS business teacher spearheaded the project.

“Our goal is to work with local business owners, to make a connection with the community,” he said. “As a class our mission is to provide a real world environment for business and strengthen school spirit. The concept started with the class of 2011 who designed the sign and help write a grant to secure funds for the start up in 2012.”

The successful $500 grant was presented by Peg Crane from the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel to Ayre during the Sept. 24 school board meeting.

“The grant helped start up the store and now the students will take it from that point forward,’ he added. “All proceeds will go back to the store for inventory and future work. We are currently looking for sponsorships at the store. If businesses are interested in advertising in the store or supplying products to sell give us a call. Also, if anyone is interested in visiting the store the Martian Market is open from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday through Friday. 810-591-2251.