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October 10, 2012

Proposal 2

Dear Editor,

I am writing to clear up some misconceptions and outright lies about Proposal 2.

Strikes by public employees in Michigan are illegal – PA 336; 1947. Proposal 2 reaffirms the authority of the state to enact laws prohibiting strikes by specifically stating so in the amendment.

All current teachers and newly hired teachers receive background checks conducted by the FBI. Prop 2 doesn’t change that. If an employee of a public school is charged with a crime, disclosure to the superintendent of the district is required under the Pupil Protection Act. Prop 2 does not change that either. Dismissal of convicted criminals from public education is required by state law, PA 129-131 and 138l 2005. This is not affected by Prop 2.

Most bus drivers in Michigan are now employees of private transportation companies, which is beyond the scope of collective bargaining – PA 336;1947.

The claim that Prop 2 would eliminate safety standards for school bus drivers is also patently false. Federal and State of Michigan law make clear labor organizations cannot bargain about the licensing requirements.

In short, Proposal 2 has no impact on any of these legal safeguards that are being used to scare you into voting against this proposal. Why would any group lie to you about these important issues? Before you vote, at least know the facts.

Brooke Davis

Independence Township

No to Aliaga

Dear Editor,

It's no surprise that Independence Township trustee candidate Jose Aliaga supports the hospital and development in Independence Township, his campaign finance report shows McLaren and its supporters donated to his campaign heavily. The senator who doesn't represent us, Mike Kowall, and has been trying to foist the hospital onto the residents of this township was a contributor to Mr. Aliaga.

We suggest voters investigate Mr. Aliaga's past and those who are supporting him before voting in November. Many of Mr. Aliaga's supporters don't reside in Independence Township. You will also find ties to McLaren officials, developers, and doctors who don't live here. This should raise red flags as to who Mr. Aliaga will be working for. And it looks like it won't be you and I.We want a trustee who represents us, not developers or hospitals. We suggest voters see for themselves. Campaign finance reports can be found on

When voting, ask yourself if you want Independence Township to be another overbuilt community like Auburn Hills or Rochester. A vote for Jose will give you that. Voters made a mistake in the August primary that can be corrected this November. Say “no” to Jose!

Michael and Lori Powell

Independence Township

Library bond

Dear Editor,

Remember Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, “lifting” from Encyclopedia Britannica and World Book, checking out an audio book to take on a trip? All free? Times have changed, and the way we use our library has too.

Nancy and the boys have been updated by Harry Potter. Information for reports is now online, and while audio books are now on CDs, some people are choosing E-books and E-audio books. They’re still free at the library, though. The Clarkston Independence District Library would like to keep it that way.

The library is constantly working to stay up to date. It offers computer classes, programs for children and teens, Notary services, and test proctoring for people doing long distance learning, special databases for electronic journal articles not found on your computer, and also resources for careers and small businesses. They would also like to expand language learning resources. Your vote for the library millage on Nov. 6 will help our library continue to be the kind of library our community deserves.

Oh yes, the library still has lots of books, free!

Carol and Gerald McNally


Library history

Dear Editor,

Every time I walk into the Independence Township Library, I am proud to see my name on the plaque along with Supervisor Tink Ronk, Treasurer John Lutz, Clerk Joan McCrary and trustees Jean Saile, Bruce Mercado, Dan Travis and Mel Vaara. Tink and Jean have passed on but their spirits remain forever with us.

We have a gem in this community under the superb leadership of Julie Meredith. We need to keep the high standards established from the beginning, 1992. Your support is necessary for investing in the future. We must continue to meet the needs of preschoolers, elementary, middle school, high school, college students, young adults, adults, and senior citizens. Your support is critical in the upcoming millage election.

Mel L. Vaara


Support for library

Dear Editor,

Independence Township is a first class community – let’s make sure our library is a first class library!

On election day we have the chance to vote for the millage to bring our library up to the standards we all expect in this community. Our library has not asked for an increase since inception of the current millage and that has been many years. Everything is in place, a nice building, a good collection, a new and enthusiastic library board, so let’s complete the picture. Vote yes on the library millage, Nov. 6.

Joan McCrary

Independence Township