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Study ballot carefully

October 10, 2012

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the enthusiasm of the new school year, college and high school sports, The Taste of Clarkston, marching bands, school buses on the roads, and the harvest.

It reminds me that all things are possible through hard work, learning, and collaboration.

As I observe the happenings of our school district, I’m reminded every single day of the positive and powerful effects that public schools have on kids and communities.

I’m reminded that human relationships matter, that public schools are the heartbeats of vibrant communities across Michigan, and that our public schools shape Americans and American values.

One example of this in Clarkston involves an Army recruiter who worked at CHS, was subsequently reassigned to another state, and later deployed overseas.

Clarkston High School stayed connected with this serviceman and the story ended up on the front page of the Army’s Website: Strong_School_Ties_Soldier_maintains_bond_



Another example involves a former CCS student, Veronika Scott. This student is making a positive difference for homeless people in Detroit and beyond. She’s creative, entrepreneurial, and full of hope. She’s a reflection of Clarkston’s values. Here’s a link to the story:

Were you able to attend the Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert at Clarkston High School on Sept. 20? Did you attend Homecoming events this past weekend? Clarkston is an awesome school system thanks to the quality of staff, students, parents, and community.

Imagine Clarkston without its schools. How would it affect business and the community?

What if our schools were overseen by for profit charter companies or if your children were presented with a marketplace of educational options that allowed them to attend school in Oxford, Menominee, or Kalamazoo (all in one day)?

Imagine if the money that you contribute toward schooling went with your child to these other schools. How would our community schools survive? Is this good for our kids?

It’s vitally important that you are an informed citizen this fall. The decisions you make on Nov. 6 will dramatically affect our schools.

Please study your options. Please carefully and critically consider how each candidate’s position on educational issues will affect our schools. Please see what the governor is saying and suggesting about public schools, via the Oxford Foundation and the Michigan Education Finance Project:

I look forward to seeing you soon at a school or community event.

Rod Rock, Ed.D., is superintendent of Clarkston Community Schools.