Source: Sherman Publications

Romney supporter doesn’t let dog bite stop him from spreading word

by CJ Carnacchio

October 10, 2012

If you look up the term ‘dogged determination’ on the internet, a picture of Bill Barron will probably pop up next to it.

That’s because the 73-year-old Oxford resident won’t let anything stand in the way of him spreading the word about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney – not even a dog attack.

In this case, the attack dog wasn’t some loudmouthed pundit hurling harsh words and pointed accusations on Current TV or FOX News.

It was an actual canine.

Barron was out and about knocking on doors and passing out literature in the Waterstone development, trying to drum up support for Romney, when he encountered some toothy opposition to his political stance.

While walking up a driveway to knock on a door, he came face-to-face with two dogs, one friendly pooch and one vicious German Shepherd.

“They came out of the bushes,” he said.

Barron indicated the Shepherd attacked the other dog, then him.

“It bit my right hand,” he said. “I was bleeding quite badly.”

After reporting the incident to police and getting a tetanus shot, Barron could have easily called it a day, went home and put his feet up. Certainly, nobody would have blamed him.

Instead, two hours later, he went right back to knocking on doors, with some campaign literature in one hand and a bandage on the other.

“I had to get the job done – it’s as simple as that,” said Barron, who retired from General Motors after working as an automotive engineer for 39 years.

When asked if believes either the dog or its owner is a registered Democrat, a laughing Barron replied, “There’s no doubt in my mind.”

“If it had been a Republican, I might not have pressed charges,” he quipped.

Barron’s been stumping “on-and-off” for Romney in local neighborhoods since May.

He estimated he’s visited about 1,000 homes so far – and he’s not done yet.

Fortunately, none of the two-legged creatures he’s encountered along the way have tried to take a chunk out of him.

“People are nice – 99 percent of them are nice,” he said. “I like talking to people.”

Barron’s very passionate about defeating President Barack Obama in the November election.

“This country is going to go downhill if this guy gets re-elected – I can guarantee that,” he said. “He’s trying to put a socialistic-type government in place and that’s not what I want.”

The last Democrat Barron cast a ballot for was John F. Kennedy in 1960. Any association with the Democrats ended once President Lyndon Johnson “robbed Social Security to pay for his Great Society” program.

“Ever since LBJ screwed this country up, I’ve been a Republican,” he said.