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Letters To The Editor . . .

October 17, 2012

School board issues

Dear Editor,

Attention voters in the Clarkston School District. Please take the opportunity in the November election to relieve Cheryl McGinnis of her place on the school board. The school bond request, lack of transparency, and deficit spending are clear reasons why she should be terminated from her current position. Ms. McGinnis has been presiding over a board with a continual gridlock of 4-3 majority. Clearly a board not united. She is lacking either leadership abilities or the desire to contemplate a different perspective in the stewardship of our school district.

Please re-elect Sue Boatman and Joan Patterson, who both share in the current board's minority. They have proven with their voting record they are more in touch with the current economic reality and are more willing to make the harder decisions regarding the financial management of dwindling resources.

Newcomer Betty Reilly, who has tirelessly attended school board meetings and has spoken many times before the current board, also deserves your vote. She has done her homework and would bring some much needed creative thinking to a group whose current leadership under Ms. McGinnis continues the tiresome trend of under funding maintenance and upgrades and then asks voters for more funds.

We must hold our elected officials at all levels of government accountable for their decisions. A good dose of realism not idealism is much needed if we are to fix the school district's balance sheet, which is currently very shaky.

Mary Walker

Independence Township

Support for Bushroe

Dear Editor,

I am supporting Kevin Bushroe for Independence Township trustee for a number of reasons.

I believe he is the fresh change the township needs. New ideas, a different approach to issues, and willingness to put his energy into making Independence Township a better place. Three values come to mind: integrity, initiative, independence. In the spirit of full disclosure, the fact he married my only daughter has some influence on my recommendation, and he really likes his mother-in-law!

Seriously though, I believe he will act with the best interest of the township and his family, and wants to make a difference. If you want positive change and creative thinking for the board, elect Kevin Bushroe.

Jim Brueck