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Athlete of The Week
Gray learns lessons on green

by Wendi Reardon

October 17, 2012

Anna Gray packed up her golf clubs after finishing her senior season for the Lady Wolves Varsity Golf team last Thursday.

"She is one of a kind," said Coach Steve Hoffman. "She truly is a leader in every sense and every fashion. Not only does she have the skills but she has the work ethic."

"It was a good finish," Gray added. "It was a good team to be a part of. We got along really well. We worked well as a team. Out of the four years I have been on varsity it was one of my favorite teams I have worked with."

Gray began playing golf when she was little when her grandfather introduced her to the sport.

"He has golfed with me every summer," she added. "It's really fun. He's a nice person to golf with. He basically taught me everything I know about the game."

When she was nine-years-old she started to get more serious about golf and joined the varsity team in her freshman year.

"It has a lot of key life lessons you learn," Gray said about playing golf. "It taught me to be pushing of challenges. It has helped shape my character over the years. You stick with it the whole time through the mental aspect of it even if you have a bad shot, bad hole or a bad day."

Hoffman nominated Gray for not only All-League but for the Academic All-State team because of her 4.0 grade point average and scores on the green.

She is currently taking AP Biology, AP Computer Science, Japanese 5, French 5, band and dual enrolled in Differential Equations during her first trimester.

Gray is currently looking for a college based on their academics and understands it might be difficult to get a spot on a Division 1 golf team.

"The good thing about golf is I can play it for the rest of my life even if I am not on a team," she said. "It is one of the things I like about golf."

She plans to blend her two favorite subjects math and science in her field of study. She is thinking about something in the engineering field.

"I like problem solving. I think it would be a good fit for me and I think it would be fun," she said. I might do something else and expand on the engineering like study abroad or get a business degree so I can get the engineering be more beneficial in the work force."

She also plays with the Clarkston Girls Varsity Lacrosse team in the spring. She added the two sports tie in together because of their team building.

"It's working with the team and keeping the team motivated," Gray said.

She participates at clubs at school including Mock Trial and Business Professionals of America. She enjoys wakeboarding, waterskiing and reading in her free time.