Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the editor - Proposition 2 ad deception

October 24, 2012

Dear Review,

Ads on both sides of Proposal 2 are lies. As an educator, I do not appreciate concealment of truth.

Much has been made about the necessity of such a proposal when collective bargaining already exists in our great state. All I can tell you is this, since 2010 40+ bills have been introduced in our state legislature aimed at eliminating collective bargaining and employee protections and there are more on the way.

To illustrate, in 2009, I was able to bargain my salary, benefits, work schedule, evaluation tool, layoff procedures, and working conditions. Today, the only one that remains is salary. It doesnít take much to realize that when you have one bargaining chip, well, youíre not really bargaining. Itís no surprise that recently the Michigan Association of School Boards, Principals, and Superintendents came out against Proposal 2. They sit on the other side of the bargaining table from educators, and want their adversary as weak as possible.

Whether teachers lobby for smaller class sizes or compulsory art or physical education, itís not because theyíre lazy, itís because we are on the front lines and we have an idea of what it takes to succeed in the battle that is educating and motivating students! I am asking that you all use common sense and turn a blind eye to the TV ads. Firefighters are going to have the equipment they need and teachers arenít all going to come to work drunk. This is about our schools, neighborhoods, neighbors, and workerís rights. Some say it is wrong to ďmess withĒ the state constitution. I ask you, was it wrong to amend the US Constitution to give women the right to vote?

Constitutions are breathing documents meant to change with the times. Others fear that if passed this law will give unions too much power. Folks, in the public sector no negotiated contract can pass without the approval of a city council or school board, so even if our police, firefighters, and teachers make ridiculous demands, guess what? They will be voted down by your elected representatives! Look, If you believe workers should have the right to organize, have some say over their working conditions, and have due process prior to a wrongful termination, vote yes.

If you think workers will still be treated fairly by management once all protections are removed, vote no. Itís really that simple.

Jeff Aisthorpe

Lake Orion resident