Source: Sherman Publications

Brief--Village elections may move to Nov.

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

October 24, 2012

The council considered consolidating Village elections with the even-year November general elections in Orion Township at their Monday meeting. This would mean the Village no longer conducted the election, but money would be saved because the county would be responsible for covering the costs of the the voting process.

Another potential byproduct would be an increase in voter turnout - theorized to be as high as 53 percent, though a more likely number given by Village President Ken Van Portfliet was in the 30 percents.

At this time, all municipalities are seeking ways to collaborate with other agencies to save costs. Village Clerk Arlene Nichols said in the memo that this could be achieved by consolidating with the general elections. The council voted 6-0 (one absent) to hold a public meeting to discuss the issue further.