Source: Sherman Publications

Atlas Township voter turnout high

by David Fleet

November 07, 2012

Atlas Twp.-Despite a two page ballot and plenty to vote on—78 percent of township registered voters turned out to have their say on Tuesday, the second highest turnout since 2000.

“In precinct 3 the lines were long— about a half hour wait to start,” she said. “At the beginning of the day things come up—it was a rocky start to the election, but consider it was a two page ballot and the detachment issue was included.”

In 2000, township voter turnout was 76 percent; in 2004, it was 82 percent; and in 2008, the turnout was 67 percent, she added.

“Either way we were within the average,” she said.

In the Goodrich School Board race, three seats were open with Howard (Chip) Schultz retaining one with 3,269 votes for a partial term ending Dec. 31, 2014. In addition, incumbent school board member David Cramer garnered 3,203 votes and newcomer Ryan Starski earned 2,848 votes, both winning six year terms.

Goodrich Village Council incumbents Richard Horton received 498 votes (27 percent), Ralph (Pete) Morey garnered 460 votes (25 percent) and Richard Saroli earned 425 votes (23 percent). Challenger Gregory Konkle received 394 (21 percent) votes.

In the township, Republican incumbent trustee Barry June received 2,505 (33 percent) and newcomer Republican trustee Patrick Major snagged 2,271 votes (30 percent). Challenger Democrat Donna Hart received 1,834 votes (24 percent) and Lynne Morisette (no party affiliation) garnered 871 votes (11 percent).

Also in the township, incumbent Republican Treasurer Ann Marie Slagle retained her seat with 2,966 votes (84 percent). Atlas Township incumbent Republican Clerk Teresa L. Onica earned 2,630 votes (60 percent) defeating Democratic challenger Mary L. Koppinger with 1,685 votes (38 percent).

Incumbent township Republican Supervisor Shirley Kautman-Jones ran unopposed, receiving 3,236 votes (95 percent).