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Stay informed on state education efforts

November 14, 2012


The Clarkston Community Schools possesses a clear and compelling vision of ensuring that every CCS graduate understands him/herself as a thinker, learner, and contributor to a global society.

We believe that we are responsible for creating the conditions for learning in our classrooms and schools. We believe that learning is a product of thinking and that children grow into the intellectual lives that surround them. Toward these, we are working across our district, from preschool through grade 12, on becoming a culture of thinking.

We are focused on making each studentís thinking visible, valuing studentsí thinking, and actively promoting studentsí thinking. We believe that content area understanding is only part of what it means to be smart.

The other parts include knowing how to use what you know, persevering, hard work, effectively communicating, collaborating, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and ethics. We believe that assessments of intelligence must include a demonstration of what a child knows, and not just paper and pencil tests. These beliefs include every child in our care.

We are working very hard across our entire system to make the elements of this vision a reality for every child in every classroom in every school.

We feel extremely fortunate, even given the external political and financial forces that we cannot control, to possess a vision for learning for all students. In the coming months and weeks, we will host conversations and classroom visits related to our vision. Please stay attuned as we realize our vision.


The Clarkston Community Schools wishes to thank all of those who ran for board of education seats. We appreciate the time, money, thoughtfulness, and energy that went into the election.

Congratulations to Craig Hamilton, Sue Boatman, Cheryl McGinnis, and Joan Patterson on receiving seats on the board. We look forward to working together for our children. We also appreciate the efforts of Kelli Horst, Betty Reilly, and Theresa Adriaens, who were not elected. We understand that this was a tremendous undertaking and we are grateful to each of these individuals for their commitment to our schools and children.

Pay Attention:

Even though the election is over, there are pending state and federal policies that could negatively affect the Clarkston Community Schools. These include the parent trigger bill (SB 620), the total elimination (without replacement) of the Personal Property Tax, the establishment of specialized schools (HB 5923), and federal sequestration.

Also, the Oxford Foundation is working to establish new funding processes and open enrollment options for every school in Michigan. It is vitally important that we as citizens are critically informed of these potential legislative actions and that we inform our policy makers as to our opinions.

Please work with me to keep public schools strong, to maintain local control, to ensure that there is an excellent teacher in every classroom in every school, and to hold up our educators rightfully as public servants.

Please check out our districtís website for additional information on Cultures of Thinking, our school board, and pending legislation.

Rod Rook, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools