Source: Sherman Publications

Voter-turnout high, dominated by GOP

by CJ Carnacchio

November 14, 2012

Local voters weren’t shy about going to the polls last week as demonstrated by the large turnout in Oxford and Addison.

A total of 10,571 (or 70.22 percent) of Oxford Township's 15,054 registered voters participated in the Nov. 6 election.

A total of 3,608 (or 72.41 percent) of Addison’s 4,983 registered voters cast a ballot, which included candidates and issues affecting the local, state and national levels.

Once again, the numbers show both townships remained firmly in the GOP camp.

Oxford cast 6,274 ballots for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and 4,058 for Democratic incumbent Barack Obama.

Addison gave Romney 2,302 votes to Obama's 1,215.

Oxford had 3,050 straight-ticket Republican voters and 1,602 straight-ticket voters for the Democratic Party.

Over in Addison, 1,194 residents voted straight GOP tickets while 434 folks voted straight Democratic tickets.