Source: Sherman Publications

Food for those in need

by Wendi Reardon

November 21, 2012

The shelves were getting low at the Army Reserve 919th Food Pantry in Saginaw, and Clarkston Junior High School students took the challenge to fill them.

This year's annual food drive to help Operation Homefront was another success. They raised $1,500 in cash and collected around 7,000 food items.

Operation Homefront's main purpose is to help families in need of assistance. Since most of the military bases in Michigan are National Guard, many will have a family member deployed and end up needing financial and other assistance.

With public support, families get help with financial assistance, emergency food, home and appliance repair and more.

Christine Rogers, a United States history teacher and Academic Service Learning district secondary coordinator, admitted during the drive she was worried. The district had a few days off, and they had to add a few more days to the drive.

She happily said donations began to really pour in the last few days, and they had a few more boxes arrive as they were packing the truck on Monday.

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