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Wild Ideas A column by Mary Keck
Seasons greetings

by Mary Keck

November 21, 2012

Iíve noticed the fallen leaves have taken on a sparkling fringe of frost, but it isnít just along the ground where winterís dťcor has started to appear.

Against the backdrop of evergreens, blue jays and red cardinals perch like ornaments come alive just for the season. Even the scent of pines and sound of geese honking as they fly south add to natureís winter greeting.

Clarkstonís downtown is getting into the spirit too.

Shops are decked in red ribbons and green wreaths. Snowflake lights and frosty garland line Main Street where the Farm and Garden Clubís planters overflow with evergreen trimmings.

The twinkle of holiday lights in store windows creates a festive atmosphere and adds warmth to the otherwise chilly air of winterís approach.

Itís time to bundle up and buckle down for the cold season. Just like gold finches trade in their yellow feathers for beige and brown, weíve boxed away our tank tops and flip flops opting for long sleeved sweaters and hefty waterproof boots.

Although Iím feeling a bit anxious about the snow and wind, thinking of Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, and cranberries makes the changing weather a bit more bearable.

Itís more than delicious food, though.

Iíll be traveling to see family in Indiana for Turkey Day, and I canít wait to see how tall my nieces have grown.

Iím looking forward to the familiar smiles of my sister and brothers and those warm hugs that only my mom can give.

After dinner, weíll play some euchre or snuggle up on the couch to watch Charlie Brown try to kick that football.

Even though it means a seven-hour drive and sleeping on air mattresses, Iím thankful for an opportunity to slow down and spend some time with the people who have shaped who I am.

Before we realize it, Thanksgiving will be over and winter will be too. Like the puff of your breath visible for just a moment in the cool air, time is always disappearing.

Those holiday decorations may come down and the fox may don his red coat again, but not before Iíve had a chance to admire icicles and say ďthank youĒ to my family for welcoming me back home.