Source: Sherman Publications

Natural healing series at library

by Susan Bromley

November 21, 2012

Brandon Twp.- Back to basics.

The practice of medicine has evolved over thousands of years and healthcare continues to advance even quicker in more recent times.

But a new natural healing series planned for the library over the coming months aims to help attendees get back to the roots of modern medicine. The first class in the series is “Assembling a Home Health Kit” and will teach participants how to do this using natural, conventional, herbal and homepathic remedies. The program is planned for 7:30 p.m., Nov. 28 at the library, 304 South St.

“I think the importance of (natural remedies) is to promote self-awareness and truly practicing preventative measures for better health,” said Gina Muzzarelli, a former registered nurse who is leading the class. “This is traditional medicine, with thousands of years of documentation behind it. Conventional medicine practiced now is infantile in comparison.”

Muzzarelli is in the second of a four year program studying naturopathic medicine at the Naturopathic Institute in Mt. Pleasant. The natural health educator has a degree in nutritional and herbal healing from Clayton College.

She will teach program participants how to treat the most common injuries and ailments using more traditional methods.

“Technology is fabulous and has value, but we are walking away from our gut instincts and discounting some of the old methods that are also very valuable,” Muzzarelli said. “I believe that practice is leading to more disease and new disease. We are losing traditional medicine, which is supposed to be the basis for all medicine.”

Admission to the “Assembling a Home Health Kit” program is $7, with half the admission price donated to the library. Details: 248-627-1460.