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Look good for holidays with Youthful Image

by Wendi Reardon

November 28, 2012

Looking for the perfect gift or want to pamper yourself during the holiday? Youthful Image Health and Wellness has something just for you.

"We are a chiro-spa," explained Jessica Schmidt. "We are doing anti-aging things not a lot of places are doing yet. We are doing it non-invasive so no cutting, no injections, and no nip and tuck."

Her father, Dr. Kurt Jacobsen explained everything is natural from what they do to the products they use.

"It's whole body wellness," he added. "You look good. You feel good and you have a better life as a result."

The most popular services they offer are their micro current facelifts.

"We are the first in Michigan to have OxyLight by Sapphire 3 machine," said Schmidt.

It is the ďred carpetĒ treatment, they explained, as many celebrities have it done before big events.

"It does immediate face lifting and toning," Schmidt said. "It leaves no bruising and you don't need down time. You look fresh and rejuvenated. Itís big in Los Angeles and New York. Itís now coming to the Midwest."

Jacobsen added the effects of one session are immediate unlike other anti-aging treatments, which take several sessions or days to take effect.

"It is a cumulative effect," he said. "So you will keep seeing results up to a week after. The before and after photos will blow you away. It is pretty dramatic."

Jacobsen, a chiropractor, has been in practice for over 35 years and spent most of it in Madison Heights. He was about to retire when he came up with an idea of looking at body and face asthetics.

"I called my daughter and told her about some equipment I was looking at," he smiled. "She took it and ran with it."

"And ran fast," she added. After graduating from Clarkston High School she received her degree in business and had plenty of ideas.

They also have certified estheticians, a massage therapist and a yoga instructor on staff for complete body wellness. Plus, Jacobsen offers his chiropractic services 24/7. Once a month Youthful Images holds an event where people can try a selection of their services. They can pick out 2-3 services while enjoying food. They will also book parties for groups.

"Try samples of everything we offer," Schmidt smiled.

"It is a nice, relaxing evening," Jacobsen added. "People are really happy we are here. They love it. There are other spas but they are invasive and don't offer what we do. We are one of a kind."

Check The Clarkston News and the Penny Stretcher for specials Youthful Image offers or stop by to see what holiday specials they are running.

They hold Facelift for Troops this Sunday. Every dollar from every service will go towards Christmas packages being sent to soldiers overseas. They also have prize packages and a 50/50 raffle. Please call to book.

Youthful Image is located at 3676 Clarkston Road Suite A, west of Baldwin Road.

For more information, please call 248-693-0101, visit or visit their Facebook page - Youthful Image.