Source: Sherman Publications

‘By far the most talented team we’ve ever had’

December 05, 2012

By Katelyn Winkler

Special to the Review

With only two weeks of intense practices under their sneakers, varsity competitive cheerleading coaches Nancy DeAvila and Nicole Perryman know they have the girls that can lead their team to victories.

After placing fifth in state championships last season, the coaches and the girls hope to come home to Dragon Country with a state trophy in hand at the end of this season.

“We have a pretty well-rounded team,” Perryman said. “We have one freshman, Morgan Duerden, that is one of the most talented freshman that we have ever had along with the strong junior class and the seniors who have been around for a while. Last year, the team got a big taste of almost winning and I think they’re ready to finish the job this year.”

The next three weeks of practice will prepare them for their first competition at Stoney Creek High School on December 15th.

“The first competition is always interesting because they only have one month to learn all three rounds,” Perryman said. “I think that this team really rises to the occasion and they are good performers.”

To enhance this year’s team and make them stand out among the rest, the coaches pushed the girls to kick it up a notch to help them become better stunters and athletes.

“We went to a lot of camps this summer to improve our stunting because that was the round that lost it for us at State Finals,” Perryman said. “The girls are really talented and have pretty much been able to handle most of what we give them and we’re seeing how creative we can get and what the final product will be.”

All thirty-three girls on the Lake Orion Varsity Cheerleading team add their individual talent to make this team the best one yet.

“This is by far the most talented team we’ve ever had,” Perryman said. “We have a lot of skills that this cheerleading team in Lake Orion has never been able to do so we’re expecting a really great year.”

With thirty-three driven girls, this team was ready to show off their greatness as they “Meet. Defeat. Repeat.”