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Letter to the Editor
Candidate vows to keep campaigning for seat

December 05, 2012

Dear Editor,

For many, the political bombardment from campaigning candidates is finally over and would have been a welcome reprieve had it come sooner than Nov. 6.

Nobody really knows just hard it is to run for office unless they have personally run a political campaign themselves. Time, energy, money and dedicated volunteers are essential for winning victory.

It takes a strong individual to sustain the attacks from the opposing side and possible heartbreak of defeat. Inside every candidate is a driving force to succeed and persevere to the final end. In doing so, the reward will be to promote their ideas and to serve the people who elected them into office.

Entrusting elected candidates to fulfill the voice of the voters is not always the case. Some candidates forget their spoken promises and proceed with their own agenda. They are transformed into politicians who have stereotyped the whole governing body as a group of dirty deed doers. This is a shame.

Actually, there truly are people who run for office in hopes of making the world we live in a better place, myself included. I am Neil Billington the challenging candidate who ran against the incumbent for state representative of District 43.

I will continue my political journey down the road less traveled and prove that dedication, hard work and perseverance does pay off in the end. I believe with all my heart, I do have what it takes to make Michigan a better place to live.

To all who gave me your vote thank you very much. My sincerest gratitude also goes out to all who supported me in my efforts to run for state representative of District 43 in 2012

Neil Billington