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Wild Ideas A column by Mary Keck
2013 resolutions

December 12, 2012

My dogís been frustrated lately. I can tell by the heavy sighs and pathetic brown-eyed gazes.

ďItís cold and wet out there,Ē I plead with her, but the pup doesnít care. Wind, snow, sleet, hail, it doesnít matter; she wants to go outside and doesnít want to be out by herself.

My furry friend is right, of course. Hiking isnít just a warm weather activity, and it never hurts to get a little exercise. All her tail wagging and ear perking has inspired me to start compiling my New Yearís Resolutions.

To top the checklist, I will not be defeated by cabin fever in 2013!

This winter, Iím hoping to try snowshoes on for size Ė only if we get that white stuff Michiganders keep telling me about, of course. Another on my list is cross-country skiing at Independence Oaks. Maybe I can just grab hold of the leash, yell mush, and my dog will take me for a spin.

Once the snow melts away, Iím checking off finding my first Michigan Morel. I missed the 2012 mushroom season, and Iím still bitter about it. With the pup in tow, Iím hitting the trails to do some foraging. No leaf will go unturned, no fallen tree unexamined, no shady spot unexplored! My bag will be full of spongy edibles or Iím not leaving the woods.

When it really warms up, Iím packing up the dog and husband Ė whiners get tied to the hood Ė and weíre going camping. Last summer we were too busy to pitch a tent, but excuses wonít get in my way in 2013. Now that the cool air has driven me indoors, a day of canoeing in the sunshine capped with a marshmallow toasted over a campfire under a star-filled sky sounds like heaven.

All the hiking, camping, and mushroom hunting will have me famished. So, my fall garden harvest had better be the best one yet! In 2013, Iím writing a big check mark next to a plate of root veggies (the Achilles heel of my green thumb) or my name isnít Mary Keck! I donít need too many since my dog doesnít like carrots and potatoes, but I suppose I can share one forkful with my husband.

With all this outdoor activity planned for every season of the New Year, my canine canít guilt me into more doggy biscuits, right?