Source: Sherman Publications

No to roundabouts

December 12, 2012

I have read your article about the Baldwin Widending project and want to state that all the facts have not been presented.  The proposal by the Oakland County Road Commision shows a proposal with four roundabouts.  This is the most expensive proposal and a waste of taxpayer’s dollars.  I am not opposed to the project.  Baldwin needs to be widened,  but not with roundabouts.  Your article fails to tell people that roundabouts  will add 30-40% more costs than signal lights.  This is totally unacceptable to me.   Taxpayer should demand effective spending of road dollars.  This is ineffective spending. 

I would hope that at the hearing on December 11 the true costs of the projects are discussed.  As of now, I do not support this project.

Here are my ten reasons for hating roundabouts for your review.

1.Roundabouts cost $1.5 to $5.0 million each versus the cost of a signal light of $75,000.

2. Roundabouts add 30-50% more costs to any road project.

3.Roundabouts are un-American.  Americans like signal lights.  Europe is for roundabouts.

4. Senior citizens do not know how to drive roundabouts.

5. Pedestrians do not know how to cross roundabouts.

6. Center Islands are costly to maintain or are not maintained during the summer and are full of weeds and grass.

7. Leader dogs do not know how to cross roundabouts.

8. Road Commission’s statistics are by groups that make money off roundabouts.

9. Long term cost savings are not true.

10. Reduction of air pollution – another meaningless government statistic.  Maybe roundabouts will save the Ozone Layer.

Mark Brackon

Orion Resident