Source: Sherman Publications

Athlete of The Week

by Wendi Reardon

December 12, 2012

olves into the lead against Salem last Thursday with his shot into the top right of the net.

The power play goal put the Clarkston Hockey team into the lead less than five minutes into the game.

He added one more goal and two assists during the game putting his total to six goals and four assists so far this season.

"Garrett is an excellent player," said assistant coach Roman Krygier. "He works hard. He is a very strong player on our power plays. He has one of the hardest shots on the team."

He added Polish is also a leader on the team and never quits.

Polish was very young when he first learned how to skate and remembers being 3-years-old the first time he put on skates.

It eventually led to playing ice hockey.

"My husbandís best friendís son was going so they decided they would grow up and play hockey together," said mom, Sheri Drumm. "They still do. He is now a senior on Waterford Mottís team."

She smiled as she remembered her son and his teammates chasing the puck for the first time.

"I thought it was the cutest darn thing," Drumm said. "Little bumblebees when they were following a puck."

They still have the puck from his first game when he scored the only five goals.

She also remembers Polish being a good player from the moment he began playing hockey.

Another hockey playing highlight for Drumm was when he was in middle school. His team won the Belle Capital Cup in Ottawa.

"It was an amazing ride," she said. "The games and playing other countries. It was the whole thing of life lessons. It was an awesome experience."

She added he is knowledgable about the game.

"It is more than I can shoot a puck really hard and score," Drumm said. "If you watch him play he is always watching around where his players are and where he needs to fill in if someone is out of position. He is smart about the game and plays smart hockey."

Fans in the stands agreed and family members pointed out to watch him - he already knows what he will do with the puck before he gets it.

Polish said what he loves about hockey is hanging out with his teammates and having a bond.

His mom added she has enjoyed him playing hockey because it has taught him a lot of life lessons along the way.

"Hockey is more than just a sport to play for him," Drumm said. "It has a lot of life lessons and a lot of mentoring from the coaches and traveling coaches he had along way. Itís been such a good thing for him. Itís his life, and he loves it."

"It is also going out there and playing a hard and physical game," he added saying scoring goals is also why he loves hockey.

His personal goals for his junior season is to lead the team and be a leader on and off of the ice, score goals, set up his teammates and be an all around good hockey player.

He explained a good hockey player to him is "someone who back checks and fore checks, isnít afraid to take a hit to make a play, and a real team player doesnít hog the puck and passes it."

Polish said his role models are former Detroit Red Wing Steve Yzerman and current Red Wing Pavil Datsuk.

"They are great leaders on their teams they played for," he added.

For aspiring athletes looking up to Polish and his teammates he advised to not give up and keep following their dreams.

"Work through adversity," he added. "Don't ever take a day off."

He also plays golf in the spring and said hockey and golf are similar.

"Taking a golf swing is like taking a shot," Polish said, adding a difference is golf is less physical.

When he is not playing hockey he is still dedicated to the sport and practicing to get better and weightlifting. He has not decided about college but still has time. He is contemplating going to Michigan State University or Ferris State University. Polish and the Wolves host their Holiday Classic Tournament this Friday and Saturday at Detroit Skating Club.