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Letter to the Editor:A few thoughts on entitled folks, guns in schools

January 09, 2013

In response to a couple of the pieces in your last paper:

The answer to the question of “Why is it so hard to do the right thing?” is a mystery to me.

It would seem that it should be clear to do the right thing even if it is the harder choice. Maybe because they think everything is owed to them. You see it on those television judge shows all the time.

Of course you see people who know it is wrong and do something for gain for themselves.

That’s sad to see about people.

But to me what is even sadder is those that have done something for their own gain that is wrong and do not even think it is wrong. Even the judges explanation about why it is wrong does not sink in. To them is was something that was “owed to them.”

I agree with you when you said in your article that this is the world we live in. But beyond getting “smacked in the back of the head” to do the right thing there are those who you can pound until your hands hurt and they will never think that what they did was wrong. The world is filled with these people. It makes me more grateful for those kind, honest and good people who are out there.

Second is the issue of allowing guns in schools. It is true that you can not take a concealed weapon into a school. I believe that every teacher who wants to be armed should be allowed to be armed.

Allowing anyone with a concealed weapons permit in a school would do that. If it is a sad fact that we need protection for our children then we need to have that protection at the schools. A long time back at the McDonald’s shooting in California, the police waited outside the McDonald’s for a supervisor to show up and tell them what to do. They waited a half hour as the shooting went on inside the McDonalds. I would say that if a couple of those people inside would have been armed there would not have been as many deaths.

In Chicago, three women hid themselves in a second story of their apartment as two of their friends on the first floor were brutalized and raped. Three calls to the police did not get the police on the scene. One even tried to climb onto the roof over the porch and flag down a police car that did not stop.

In the lawsuit that followed the courts decided that the police were not responsible because they are not your bodyguards. That their job was the public’s safety and not the individuals. I guess giving a traffic ticket was more important that responding to the women’s desperate calls for help.

Don’t get me wrong. I am sure that our police department would respond to a call for help and it was not my intent to belittle ours or any police department. They put their lives on the line everyday for us.

But my intent was that there will be times when you need to depend on yourself or those defenseless children in the school have to depend on immediate help.

If we want to protect those children that we all love we need to take measures that may be unpopular with a large group of people. Arming those that can make a difference of life or death is what the Concealed Carry in Schools will do.

Just my opinions

Harry Fischer