Source: Sherman Publications

Victories on the road

January 16, 2013

Icers took control of the west side of the state after taking down two teams.

The Clarkston Varsity Hockey team began their trip in the west with a 4-1 win over the East Kentwood Falcons last Friday.

Junior Garrett Polish opened the scoring in the first period with a goal scored at 13:18 with assists from sophomore Joe Popp and junior Jacob LaPorte.

East Kentwood tied the game at the beginning of the next period from Benden VanSweden.

Less than a minute later, the Wolves struck the Falcons' nest as one of their players sat in the penalty box. It was LaPorte with the attack and the goal as the clock marked 13:39. Junior Chase Weidemann assisted on the goal.

Polish struck again for his second goal during the game two minutes later with an assist from Weidemann and junior Carter Rea on a power play.

LaPorte finished the game with the fourth goal in the last period with seven minutes to go. Weidemann and Polish aided in the goal.

Bryan Krygier, head coach, had warned the team for the game.

"You are in somebody else's house and they will all be against you," he said. "Play your game and stay focused. We need to win each period."

The Wolves followed and focused as they made 48 shots on the net during the game. Junior goalie Nick Surovec made 29 saves.

The number four followed Clarkston on Saturday as they took on Grand Haven. They scored four goals against the Buccaneers and held their opponents to two.

Junior Alex Propson was the first to score in the game from an assist from senior John Foust as the clock hit 9:11.

The Wolves kept the Buccaneers from scoring on them for the remainder for the first period and for most of the second period.

With 39 seconds left in the second period Grand Haven's Patrick Ferris scored on a power play, tying the score.

It took 15 seconds for Clarkston to get back into the lead as LaPorte scored on a penalty shot before the period ended.

The Wolves added one more goal to their lead in the final period with a goal from sophomore Drake Gentile on a power play.

The Wolves made 38 shots during the game. Junior Jack Viazanko had 23 saves during the game.

With the two wins, the boys’ overall record goes up to 7-7-1.

They host Oxford on Thursday in an OAA Red battle at Detroit Skating Club, 888 Denison Court, 5:30 p.m.