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Letter to the Editor
In defense of public TV

January 23, 2013

Dear Editor,

The scathing front page expose’ that appeared in last weeks’ edition could help publicize Independence Television.

Though in operation for nearly two decades, Clarkston's little cable cast facility had fallen on hard times.

Originally a creature of a monopoly franchise agreement that was grudgingly supported by various cable companies serving Independence, the studio has produced hundreds of board meetings. Information on Parks and Recreation, activity schedules, senior news, parades, music shows, interviews with local authors, candidates, news makers from local elected polls, Sheriff Bouchard and Congressman Mike Rogers all have been a part of Public Access programming.

After establishment of a Citizens’ Public Access Committee of which yours truly is a member, the reawakening of the studio began. We have a new program director and the committee, in concert with the Independence Township Board are working to reinvigorate service to this community.

Members of our committee have visited many of the surrounding access facilities and interviewed their personnel.

Gathering ideas from all, along with suggestions from residents, has been useful in reestablishing a viable asset that benefits users and viewers.

Without the assistance of an esteemed Hollywood producer who has no committee or board overseeing his work in a private sector environment, our progress may seem slow. But the goal is creating a resource for citizens to observe their government in action and provide an artistic outlet for local amateur producers. We can all congratulate The Clarkston News on the success of their television efforts.

But let me remind the editor that early in his career at the helm of this paper (in 2006), when television was not twinkling in the eye of print media, he was introduced to the community on our Public Access channel. Let’s encourage those of artistic bent with broadcast enthusiasm to contact Independence Television and sign up for classes available now at 248-673-9581.

Help rebuild our community television studio.

Rob Namowicz

Independence Township