Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the Editor: Lack of interesting businesses is why downtown fails, not ‘our scary sidewalks’

January 30, 2013

About the “revamping” the streetscape of Oxford . . . all these people think their businesses are suffering because people are “terrified” of walking downtown in Oxford?


I’ve lived here just about my entire 44 yrs and have never once been terrified to walk downtown..thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

As far as foot traffic goes how about this: HAVE BUSINESSES THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO GO TO DOWNTOWN!

How much out of town foot traffic do all these real estate, virtual acadamy and school offices generate? Zero.

Try having businesses downtown that people ACTUALLY WANT TO GO TO!

Why do Royal Oak, Ferndale and Rochester kick our asses? Because they have places people want to go.Duh.

Oxford is so afraid of losing its small town appeal (gag), then everyone wonders why all these other city businesses prosper.


That’s why theres no foot traffic, not our scary sidewalks.

Everything has to be old country-style/values here, and thats why it fails. It’s not the town, it’s the businesses.

Why would young money come to Oxford? Everything has to be mainstream and unoffensive, thats why Oxford fails.

Larry Stephens