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Praise for Oxford Leader staff’s stories

January 30, 2013

Just wanted to tell Trevor Keiser that was a good article (on the Oxford Virtual Academy leasing a second building).

I liked the question/answer aspect of the writing.

Trisha Donaldson


Good article, C.J. Carnacchio, on the streetscape (pros and cons dicussion). Showed all sides. Thanks!

Burdick Street Landscape, Supply & Equipment

A downtown space is a terrible thing to waste – I absolutely agree with C.J. Carnacchio. Great column.

I was upset to hear that the schools had taken a second prime downtown location, now to hear there will be a third and (that it will be) up to three years before they move.

School buildings are not going to make this town the great hot spot it has the potential to be.

Melissa Bock-Williams