Source: Sherman Publications

Mixed week on the slopes for ski team

by Trevor Keiser

February 06, 2013

Both the boys’ and girls’ varsity ski teams won against Flint Powers and loss against Grand Blanc this past week.

The boys beat Powers 30-49.

Greg Schultz led the way on the slalom with a run time of 55.26, Lars Joergens-Kokate followed in a close second with 56.01. Zac Felix placed seventh with 58.44, Aaron Johnson, 10 with 1:03.62; Dillon Sink, 11th with 1:09.93, and Spencer Christen, 12th with1:14.17.

On the giant slalom Lars Joergen-Kokate took first with 47.85; Zac Felix followed with 49.73; Greg Schultz took third with 50.10; Aaron Johnson, fourth with 50.25; Dillon Sink, fifth with 50.42; and Alex Van Boemel took ninth with 53.09.

The girls defeated powers 25-63.

With a run time of 1:09.30 Alyssa Wysocki took second in the slalom; Emma Ford followed in third with 1:10.77; Jessie Felix, fourth with 1:11.43; Abby Wrobel, sixth with 1:13.63; Kirsten Zielinski, seventh with 1:15.23; Tessa Vreedenburgh, ninth with 1:22.66 and Montana Taube-Whit finished 11th with 1:29.18.

In the giant slalom Aslyssa Wysocki led the way with 54.90, Jessie Felix wasn’t far behind taking second with 56.79; Emma Ford placed third with 57.43; Montana Toube-Whit, fourth with 57.79; Abby Wrobel, fifth with 58.28; Kirsten Zielinski, sixth with 58.70 and Tessa Vreedenburgh, eighth with 1:07.49.

The boys were defeated by Grand Blanc 38-34.

Greg Shultz took second with a 55.56 runtime in the slalom. Lars Joergens-Kokate followed in a close third with 56.01; Zac Felix took fifth with 58.44; Aaron Johnson, ninth with 1:03.62; Dillon Sink, 11th with 1:09.93 and Spencer Christen with 1:14.17 placed 13th.

In the giant slalom Lars Joergens-Kokate took first with 47.85; Zac Felix, fifth with 49.73; Greg Schultz, sixth with 50.10; Aaron Johnson, eighth with 50.25; Dillon Sink, ninth with 50.42 and Alex Van Boemel finish 12th with 53.09.

The girls took lost to Grand Blanc 60-21.

In the slalom Alyssa Wysocki placed sixth with a time of 1:09.30; Emma Ford followed in seventh with 1:10.77; Jessie Felix, eighth with 1:11.43; Abby Wrobel, 10th with 1:13.63; Kirsten Zielinski placed 11th with 1:15.23; Tessa Vreedenburgh, 12th with 1:22.66 and Montana Taube-Whit finished 13th with 1:29.18.

In the giant slalom Alyssa Wysocki led the way in fourth place with a runtime of 54.90. Jessie Felix took sixth with 56.79; Emma Ford, ninth with 57.43; Montana Taube-Whit 10th with 57.79; Abby Wrobel, 11th with 58.28; Kirsten Zielinski, 12th with 58.70 and Tessa Vreedenburgh placed 13th with 1:07.49.

The boys’ JV team beat Powers 10 to 29 and Grand Blanc 16 to 20. They also placed fifth overall in the JV Championship at Alpine Valley. Tyler Kwapis finished second by .01 of a second. Meanwhile third place was over 1.5 seconds behind.

Varsity ski races again tonight (Feb. 6) and tomorrow (Feb. 7.) See next week’s edition for results.