Source: Sherman Publications

Skiers have strong showing in divisional championships

by Trevor Keiser

February 13, 2013

In the divisional championships, Oxford/Holly skiers raced against five other teams.

The boys placed second and the girls’ took third overall. In the boys’ slalom Grand Blanc placed first, Oxford/Holly second, Powers Catholic third, Fenton/Linden fourth and flushing fifth.

Greg Shultz led Oxford/Holly in sixth place with 1:00.07 runtime. Spencer Christen followed in eighth with 1:01.76; Zac Felix, 11th with 1:04.49; Dillon Sink, 12th with 1:05.28 Lars Joergen-Kokate 17th with 1:06.35; and Alex Van Boemel was disqualified.

In the boys’ giant slalom Grand Black placed first again, Oxford/Holly second, Powers Catholic, third, Fenton/Linden, fourth and flushing in fifth.

Lars Joergen-Kokate took third with 46.08; Greg Schultz trailed closely behind in fourth with 46.57; Dillon Sink, eight with 47.44; Zac Felix, ninth with 47.52; Aaron Johnston, 13th with 47.97 and Spencer Christen in 21st with 48.98.

For the girls slalom Fenton/Linden took first, Grand Blanc, second, Oxford/Holly, third, Powers Catholic, fourth and Flushing fifth.

Emma Ford placed 10 with 1:13.47; Jessie Felix, 14th with 1:14.84; Alyssa Wysocki, 17th with 1:17.12; Montana Taube-Whit, 18th with 1:18.75; Kirsten Zielinski 20th with 1:21.53 and Abby Wrobel was disqualified

In the girls’ giant slalom Grand Blanc placed first, Fenton/Linden followed in second, Oxford/Holly, third, Flushing, fourth and Powers Catholic, fifth.

Emma Ford led the way in 11th with 51.36; Alyssa Wysocki, 14th with 51.86; Abby Wrobel, 15th with 52.26; Jessie Felix, 16th with 52.38; Montana Taube-Whit, 21st with 53.80 and Tessa Vreedenburgh, 26 with 59.99.