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Letter to the Editor
A call to respect neighbors when open burning

February 27, 2013

Dear Editor,

I'd like to respond to the concerns about the burn policy ("Residents hot over burn bans," Feb. 13). I am affected by it as one of the individuals with a health concern is a neighbor. Personally, all they would have to do is ask me not to burn and I wouldn't. But there is another neighbor who likes to burn from 7 a.m. till after dark, up to 16 hours straight at times, and its suffocating. Fortunately, that property is included in the 400 foot "ban" area, which will benefit everyone's health.

If I have a fire, I'd like to hold in a burn pit. I will discuss/coordinate it with my neighbor to make sure there is no negative effect. Having one inconsiderate neighbor, I can understand the other's dilemma. I think its a sad commentary on society that some folks are more concerned with themselves than they are about being a good neighbor.

Having said that, I've lived in communities where there was a complete ban on backyard fires and leaf burning. I wish that was the case here. Itís much healthier when you don't have to hold your breath or gag while out walking.

Tammie Heazlit

Independence Township