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Letter to the Editor
Renewed hunting too risky for wolves, reader says

February 27, 2013

Dear Editor,

In the article "Resident wants to ban wolf hunting," Feb. 13, Mr. Ed Golder of the Department of Natural Resources said, “managing wildlife through a ballot referendum we don’t think is a good idea.”

If the use of politics to manage wildlife is a bad idea, then why accommodate a bill passed by a special interest group to allow trophy hunting? The bill was passed Dec. 28, 2012. This was four weeks before the Grey Wolf was removed from the Endangered Species List.

The Grey Wolf has been protected in our state for 50 years and there are only 687 of them. Allowing wolf hunting again will risk sending the species back to the brink of extinction where they were 50 years ago. The DNR does have a current wolf management system that deals with wolves that are attacking livestock or pets and this system does work.

It is important to note there has not been a recorded attack by a wolf on a human in the state of Michigan. Wolves are afraid of humans. This is why we will not see them in large numbers again.

In the article, Mr. Golder also said “…we’re moving in a very deliberate and thoughtful fashion.” This does allow the use of steel-jaw traps (painful, inhumane leg hold traps) and such hunting methods as baiting wolves with piles of meat and shooting them point-blank, chasing them down with packs of dogs, and aerial gunning where the wolves are shot from helicopters.

Visit for a list of local “Howl-Ins” where volunteers will have petitions available or call 517-993-5201. Thank you.

Eileen Drenikowski,

Independence Township