Source: Sherman Publications

Who wants a tilak? Me!
Around the world in a matter of hours

by CJ Carnacchio

March 06, 2013

Students at the Oxford Early Learning Center took a trip around the world Monday and they never even left the cozy confines of their little building off Pontiac St.

The World Tour event exposed these eager youngsters to the culture, food, customs, games and dances of Poland, Italy, Mexico, China, India, Canada and Africa.

The kids got to dance the Polka, learn how to use chopsticks, play hockey, eat salsa and tortilla chips, make their own Italian marionettes and even get a tilak (a red mark) placed on their foreheads like the people of India.

The teachers and parent volunteers did an excellent job re-creating the whole world for these tiny tourists.

Best of all, the kids were back in plenty of time to go home and tell mom and dad all about their big day of globe-trotting.