Source: Sherman Publications

Twp. okays repaving of crumbling intersection

by CJ Carnacchio

March 20, 2013

Oxford Township officials last week voted 6-0 to proceed with road improvements at the intersection of Seymour Lake Rd. and Brookfield Drive.

“The intersection is just crumbling,” said township engineer Jim Sharpe. “It’s falling apart. It’s in very poor condition over there.”

Right now, the project has an estimated cost of $57,400 and includes removing the existing asphalt surface and repaving the area. It will also entail installing a new storm sewer (if necessary), adding new curb and gutter, and building a new concrete spillway.

“That’s all got to be approved by the county,” Sharpe said. “This is our concept plan. (The county’s) engineering and permit departments haven’t had a chance to look at this yet. We’re going to do the survey work and the preliminary design, then we’ll submit a plan to them.”

Sharpe is anticipating the entire project will be paid for using Tri-Party Program funds.

“That’s what our hope is,” he said.

The Tri-Party Program involves one-third funding from Oakland County, one-third from the county Road Commission and one-third from the local municipality. Projects are selected by communities, but they must involve county roads and be approved by the road commission.

Sharpe said the intersection is in such poor shape because the pavement is old.

Back when new water and sewer lines were installed along Brookfield Drive, the street was repaved and new curb and gutter was installed. But the work stopped before the intersection because that’s where the county right-of-way starts and repaving that section would have required additional permits, he explained.

“So, the intersection is much, much older than the street,” Sharpe said.