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Don't Rush Me
No Facebook posting on April Fools Day
Viva la revolucion!

by Don Rush

March 27, 2013

So, I kinda struck a nerve when I opined (openly and on the internet) that maybe it was my God-given calling to save America from itself and Facebook.

Okay, I whined about all the insignificant stuff folks post on-line for the world to see and I called for the great American Facebook off slated for April Fools Day.

What did I actually write?

Read on and take a trip down memory lane . . .

ď . . . call me kookie, but I have been flirting with the idea of ditching my very own, personal Facebook page. I know, I know. Younger folk will think this is totally un-American ó but I have to admit, the thought has been bouncing around inside my cranium since January.

ďItís nothing against Facebook, the company, and more about Facebook, the idea.

ďIf you talk to folks who know me (including family members) and ask them how forthcoming I am about my personal life, they might answer something like this: ĎDonald. Hmm. Heís male, middle aged and works for a newspaper, I think.í

ďI donít like sharing intimate details. Personal stuff, by definition, is personal stuff ó not public stuff.Ē

* * *

I concluded my idea with this, and then promptly posted it on Facebook:

ď . . . I think I should be the leader in Saving America from Itself and Facebook. Right here and now, I propose we have a Facebook-off; one day without posting ANYTHING on Facebook (yes, and that includes those oh-so-cute moments when Lilí Jimmy plays in the toilet or spits up a crayon). This I say: April 1st ó no fooling, no Facebook.

ďSo written, so let it be done.Ē

* * *

Now that I have had time to postulate, cogitate, contemplate and ruminate on this whole social networking culture, maybe I reckon I do have a problem with Facebook. Hmm. At any rate, here are some of the comments you folks delivered to me electronically via e-mail and (gulp) on Facebook.

* * *

Jason Gault: So, I am the only one who sees the irony here? (No. Jason; but I have a question for you: Who is John Gault?)

Rob Schroeder: Interesting Don. For a person who writes a column once a week and spills out stuff about his and his familyís lives to approximately 53,000 homes, Don is afraid of a little Facebooking? We all know where you live, where you work and most of your schedule. Whatís so secret about you?

Cheri Cosens: Hey....Kookie! Iím sure there are other things to flirt with besides ideas. :)

Joe S: Don, Itís not just you man. I look at Facebook as more like the arrival of HIV in the 1980s.

There is actually a no Facebook rule in my home.

Joanie Ikeler: Don, you are so right! I stopped using Facebook during the election. Iíve been 4 months off Faceless Book!

Iíll admit I miss those cute pictures of other peoples kids ó but I do donít miss crazy opinions, people writing things they wouldnít (or at least shouldnít ) say in person. Iím tired of all the perversion and the arguing, etc.

Actually I have so much more time now that I donít have to check my Facebook the second I walk in the door. Iím with you ó ready to ditch my cell phone as soon as the contract is up!

Good for you! Letís make April 1 ó no technology day!

Teressa F: This is interesting Don because I am very torn by this social networking business. FB has been such a blessing to my small business by being able to attract potential customers and build community with the customers we already have. On the downside though I have a few friends who are so wrapped up in it that Iíve actually considered intervention.

Why do we (and by we I donít mean you or I) feel the need to document every little aspect of our lives? Also, whatís with the pictures posted too. Seems like a lot of people donít actually go to events to be present there; they go so they can take photos of themselves and post them. Iím with you Don on April 1st.

* * *

So there you go, folks. Who is with me? Viva la revolucion! On Monday, April 1, no posting on Facebook (to avoid withdrawal you can resume April 2)!