Source: Sherman Publications

Consumers Energy extends twp. gas mains to some, not all
Brandon, Atlas projects released in limited area

by Susan Bromley

March 27, 2013

Consumers Energy will extend gas mains in Brandon Township again this year, as well as Atlas Township, but not as far as they originally planned.

With the passage of two deadlines, the public utility did not meet the 50 percent overall participation goals for either project, meaning the extensions will encompass only areas that did reach 50 percent.

In Brandon Township, 321 applications were received. The original extension was offered to just over 800 residences.

“With this first release, service will be available to 391 residences, half of whom sent their applications in,” said Debra Dodd, Consumers Energy spokesperson. “The other half will be able to connect at any time.”

In Brandon Township, homes released for immediate eligibility for natural gas service include those located on South Hadley Road; Rolling Acres Drive; Hidden Lake Trail; Laura Lane; Kile D Drive; Arthurs Court; Lancelot Lane; Galahad Drive; Perry Lake Road; Clinton Hills Drive; Flint Boulevard; High Meadow Court; High Meadow Drive; North Ridge Court; Scenic Meadows Court; Scenic Meadows Drive; Walnut Ridge; Walnut Hills Boulevard; Inner Drive; Meadow Woods Trail; Seymour Lake Road; Huff Lake Court; Hickory Ridge Drive; Hickory Ridge Lane; Ortonville Road (8 parcels in project area); and Mystic Court.

In Atlas Township, the overall project participation rate is at 35 percent, said Josnelly Aponte, Consumers Energy recruitment lead.

In Atlas, Consumers has approved release of a limited portion of the project and will extend gas mains on Horton, Thayer, and Ridge roads, making service available to 42 residences total. The first phase of this project was originally offered to 300 total residences and also needed 50 percent participation.

In both Atlas and Brandon, Aponte said the rest of the requests for service will be on hold until one of the following happens:

1) The overall project reaches 50 percent participation.

2) Individual roads/streets reach percent participation and they can be connected to existing facilities or previously released sections of this phase.

“This first release doesn’t mean that we have cancelled the rest of the project,” said Dodd. “We will continue to work on providing information for neighbors to make the best decision. However, the design/construction activities of the areas that reach 50% at a later time will be delayed. If neighbors do not sign up now, they may not get service in 2013.”

Dodd said the application rates for phase 2 will not affect phase 3 in Brandon, planned for 2014.