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Don't Rush Me
So, it's the firt week in Arpil and . . .
. . . Whine, grouse, complain

by Don Rush

April 03, 2013

Spring has technically been here for a couple of weeks and while I get it, I ainít buying it. Itís too cold. (Whine, grouse, complain.) Heck, according to the National Weather Service, we might hit 50 degrees by the end of the week. Whoopee! (Whine, grouse, complain.)

I know, I know: Donny Downer is trying to harsh yíallís buzz -- but, Dude, itís like frigid out there. Weíre spose to have lows in the high teens this week for crying out loud! (Whine, grouse, complain.)

I know already. Iíve seen the robins, smelled the skunks, smashed the mole tunnels, cursed the deer who chewed down my spring tulips, I know itís sposed to be spring. It just donít feel like it. Itís too cold. (Whine, grouse, complain.)

The other day somebody tried to trick me into feeling better about spring. Said he, ďI heard April is gonna be above average in temperature.Ē

Yeah. Right.

Another gal said, ďI heard itís going to be a warmer than average summer.Ē

To which I replied, ďIíll believe it when I see it.Ē

I reckon Iím getting anxious about good weather. Weíve been teased with a few good days with temperatures up near 60. On that day, I was sure weíd turned the corner from winter to spring for I saw a man walking on the sidewalk in front of my home. His walking was not the sign. The sign of turning (or so I thought) was when he swiped at a bug that was buzzing around his ear.

Nope. Temperature dropped. Cold ensued. (Whine, grouse, complain.)

I know spring is close at hand, it has to be. Heck in a few weeks all our taxes are due. Oh happy day.

Speaking of taxes, do you know what Tax Freedom Day is? I only bring it up to bring you down. Itís lonely down here in the pits, and since I donít feel like lifting myself up, I figured Iíd drag you down here with me. Feeling crappy yet? Hang on, Iíll get you there soon.

Tax Freedom Day is, ď . . an effective way to gauge the average impact that taxes will have on American citizens each year, in terms of the length of time it will take the average person to pay off their taxes.Ē

In other words, itís the day you start working for you, instead of working to pay off all your taxes. I think the ďTax FoundationĒ does the calculations, whoever they are.

This year they ainít sure when weíll shed the shackles that bind us, because weíre all paying more taxes and who knows what the heck is happening in Washington, DC. According to the Tax Foundation website, last year Michiganís Tax Freedom Day was April 14. That meant all the money you and I earned from Jan. 1 up to April 14 was the amount it took to pay all our taxes, local right on up the ladder.

Also from the website . . .

. . . 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2006 all saw a higher tax burden than 2012. Hooray!

(But, wait, Iím sposed to be depressing you.)

. . . The 2012 Tax Freedom date occurred five days later than the 2011 date due primarily to a 1.5% overall tax increase (from 27.7% to 29.2%).

(Thatís more like it!)

. . . The national percentage of tax burden has changed dramatically over time (from 5.9% in 1900 to 29.2% in 2012).

(But wait! Thereís more!)

. . . The 2012 Tax Freedom Day for Tennesseans last year was March 31.

(Hey, that just ainít fair.)

I suppose it could be worse. On April 1, 2002 we had an ice storm that made things interesting, and we all could be living in the great socialist states of Connecticut or New York. Last year, their Tax Freedom Days were May 5 and May 1, respectively. Talk about a bummer!

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