Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to Editor: Sequestration obfuscation

April 03, 2013

Don Rush’s column “Smackin’ Frackin’ Sequestration” on March 20, 2013 perked my interest since I’ve been following this sequestration issue very carefully.

First, the president says the problem with sequestration lies within the Republican House of Representatives, but this rather hypocritical statement when it was Obama’s suggestion to promote the sequestration in the first place.

Second, the cuts that Obama has proposed were done with the republicans in mind – to punish them. As a matter of fact these cuts – which are not budget cuts at all, but cuts to increased government spending – did not occur at all since there is at least that much, if not more, fraud, waste and abuse in all government programs. This fraud, waste and abuse, that is occurring now, if investigated could result in more than $40 billion in cuts that Obama has proposed.

Finally, these cuts are only about one percent of the entire budget and we have to ask ourselves if we can’t endure these cuts how can we ever get serious about making truly honest cuts which will reduce this $16 trillion-plus debt burden which will not affect me but will drastically affect my children and grandchildren, which isn’t fair at all?

Bill Barron