Source: Sherman Publications

Uniformed prowler arraigned

by Phil Custodio

April 10, 2013

Christopher Allen Murphy of Holly Township, 32, was in his National Guard uniform when he allegedly tried to break into a home in the 800 block of Cedar, 8 a.m., April 4, said Sgt. Matt Baldes, Springfield Township substation commander.

The suspect in the attempted home invasion in Springfield Township said he was in the area collecting donations for veterans.

The homeowner said he was home with his young daughter when he saw the suspect try to enter the house through the front door. The suspect went to the back of the house to try a rear sliding door, then climbed over a deck to try another rear sliding door, and the resident called police.

“The homeowner hid his daughter and prepared himself for the bad guy to make entry,” Baldes said. “He wasn’t sure how far the guy was going to go. He was ready to do what he had to do to protect his daughter.”

Dep. Keith Overby arrived within five minutes, saw the suspect trying to get in through the rear sliding door, and made the arrest – the suspect surrendered immediately. Murphy was taken to the substation and interviewed by Det. Matt Howe.

Murphy told investigators he was soliciting for Wounded Warriors, a national organzation to help veterans disabled in combat, then that he was seeking help for a local veteran, then for himself as a veteran. He’s a current member of the Michigan National Guard, but later admitted he’s not a combat veteran, Baldes said.

Deputies found breaking-and-entering tools, mask, gloves, K-bar knife, and two airsoft pistols in his vehicle.

“Deputy Overby and Det. Howe did a fantastic job, taking him down in the investigation,” Baldes said.

Murphy was arraigned, April 5, in 52-2 District Court in Independence Township on Attempted Home Invasion First Degree, a five year felony. His bond was set at $25,000 cash with no 10 percent allowed, and taken to Oakland County Jail. His next court date is April 12.

He also has two outstanding felony warrants for Larceny in a building from Waterford Township, and Baldes called his National Guard commander to inform him of the situation.

“He wanted to take advantage of people’s goodwill towards the armed services – it’s a shame,” Baldes said.

Residents should be careful with all solicitors, he said.

“If you have concerns, call 911 and we’ll come out and check them out,” Baldes said.