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Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio
Spring to the track

April 10, 2013

With spring break 2013 in the history books, we're already in the final push towards summer and, for kids and their parents, the end of another school year.

Time flies.

I started here at The Clarkston News in September 2006. The kids who were seniors at Clarkston High School that year are now about 24 years old. Getting jobs, starting families, and hopefully staying out of trouble.

The kids who graduated when I first started newspaper reporting in 1996, a bunch of Raiders up at Flushing High School, are in their mid 30s. Their families and jobs are well underway, I imagine, though to me theyíre still bright eyed teenagers planning their college careers.

Weatherís finally warming up, and that means itís time for me to hit the track. I use the one at Clarkston Junior High School. The walk to and fro from the downtown office makes a good warm up and cool down.

Yes, taking the lead from reporter Wendi Reardon, Iíve decided to give the weight-loss thing another try.

My previous strategy was to control weight pretty much through exercise alone. Then I stopped exercising Ė whoops.

So this time Iím adding portion control to the mix. I didnít particularly want to go that route. Stop eating food? If I could do that, wouldnít I already be doing it?

If Michigan got some sort of New York City Mayor Bloomberg, passing laws banning large drinks and/or fatty food, Iíd stuff my face with it Ė ďYou canít tell me what to do (snarf snarf snarf)!Ē

That would have showed him.

Arriving at my own conclusion is better. Things started slowly. I asked my doctor about surgery, belly bands or what not. His response, in so many words, was ďNo, donít do that. Itís stupid.Ē OK, that was a bad idea.

So I was like, okay fine, stop eating so much. Turns out itís fairly effective so far, though Iím just getting started. Pizza in the office Ė Iím not going to turn that down.

But itís getting there. The grocery store is now filled with stuff I canít eat, which makes shopping easier.

I suppose itís always been that way.