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Letter to the Editor
New city manager signals support for status quo

April 17, 2013

Dear Editor,

Regarding the recent Clarkston city manager selection, Section 4.18 of the Clarkston City Charter states “Elected officers shall not hold any appointed city office or city employment during the term for which they were elected.”

This type of charter language solely exists within the city charter to prevent an egregious elected official from cherry picking compensated appointed positions, such as the position of city manager in this case.

Instead of hiring the Michigan Municipal League to conduct an executive search, Clarkston council spent our finite tax dollars on an attorney to explain a way around section 4.18 of the city charter. Looking at all the events surrounding the selection process of the city manager, it is obvious the Clarkston City Council never had any intention of hiring anyone but Councilwoman Carol Eberhardt and stacked the deck to assure her appointment.

It is transparent Councilwoman Eberhardt’s competitor for the city manager’s position was an unknowing participant in a cleverly orchestrated dog and pony show to validate the council’s choice for city manager.

Councilwoman Eberhardt’s acceptance of the position displays her selfish sense of entitlement, her lack of regard for the citizens of Clarkston, and her lack of jurisprudence involving city governance. Councilwoman’s acceptance of being appointed to the city manager contrary to Section 4.18 of the City Charter will ensure the status quo of mediocrity within her tenure as the city manager.

By the Clarkston City Council’s act of waiving section 4.18 of the city charter, it is inherently obvious the council is not there to serve the citizens of Clarkston, but is there to serve one another with our tax dollars.

Hillary Scott

Independence Township